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3rd October 2019 marked a momentous milestone for Tampines North as we celebrated our 25th birthday. Apart from the many pre-anniversary activities students took part in, the school was abuzz with activity on the actual day. All students were involved in the celebration, with heartfelt messages and mementos going into the time capsule. Performances, game booths, bouncy castles, art activities and water soccer were some of the activities our students got to experience. Our students also wrote down their wishes and aspirations for the school to be displayed on a beautiful and symbolic wall mural titled "Soar on Wings".

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On the eve of the Teachers’ Day Celebration last year, our students and staff witnessed the sealing of the ‘Time Capsule’. Our students and staff spent months preparing and the moment finally came for us to fill it with heartfelt messages and mementos. The capsule will serve to commemorate the past 25 years of our wonderful memories, both as a memento of the present, and as a message for the TNPS family in the time to come.


To celebrate the achievement of our past and present students and teachers, our Achievement Wall was unveiled as part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations.



As we celebrate 25 years of TNPS, these are some fond memories and heartfelt wishes shared by our teachers and alumni.