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Cyberwellnes in Character and Citizen Education (CCE) aims to equip TNPS students with the knowledge and skills to harness the power of technology and ICT to maintain a positive presence in cyberspace and navigate the cyberspace in a safe manner. The school adapts MOE’s Sense-Think-Act framework to develop pupils’ instinct to protect and empower them to take responsibility for their well-being in cyberspace. The two principles, ‘Respect for Self and Others’ and ‘Safe and Responsible Use’ when adhered to will anchor pupils’ well-being in cyberspace as they will then be able to make careful and well-considered decisions.

To help your child/ward stay safe and have positive experiences online, you can:

  • Activate parental controls on your home devices;
  • Model good digital habits for your child/ward;
  • Set ground rules for internet use; and
  • Navigate the internet together to understand their usage.

For more information on MOE’s Cyber Wellness Programme and useful resources, please visit https://www.moe.gov.sg/programmes/cyber-wellness