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School Profile

School History

Tampines North Primary School started in 1994 with 18 teachers and 322 students. Classes were held in Qiaonan Primary before moving to the present premises in 1995.


Our Badge.png

The shape of the shield depicts a strong protection for the pupil holding it. It shows a strong person with true and noble character depicted by the bold colours of dark and light blue.

The "T" and "N" combination insignia on the shield stands for Tampines North Primary School and also represents the True and Noble quality of the pupil standing on the solid foundation of a good education from Tampines North Primary School.


The school flag is divided into two parts: the upper part is yellow and the lower part is light blue.

The school crest is in the centre of the flag. The two parts, the yellow and the blue background depict a pupil's intellectual development and devotion towards the community and the nation.
In the forefront emerges a shield (the School Badge), a strong protection against the erosion of human values which are to be preserved and protected.

The 'T' and 'N' combination symbol shows a TRUE and NOBLE character to be developed through pupil's pimary education in Tampines North Primary School.