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School Library

Our school aims to create a vibrant reading culture for our students and one way is to provide access to a wide variety of quality books. The students can go to the library during the scheduled library periods, recess or after school.
Our library is also equipped with the OPAC service for students to browse the library catalogue and the School e-Resource Repository (SeRR) for online stories.

Our school library has different sections to cater to the different reading levels and needs of our students: Picture Books, Easy Fiction, Fiction, Non Fiction, Mother Tongue Languages and Magazines. Students can refer to the bright letterings to help them locate the sections.

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For our Mother Tongue books, we have arranged the books according to the different levels so as to ease students’ book selections.

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A cozy nook to read some magazines.

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Check out the various displays for the latest arrivals or popular reads.

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Our school library collaborates with other departments to promote books that are of similar themes to the events that are held in school, from festive celebrations to Earth Day Day!

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