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English Language

Confident, Effective and Responsible Communicators

TNPS English teachers seek to deliver an engaging curriculum through the 5As approach to help students develop positive learning dispositions and acquire language skills to be confident and effective users of the language that will empower them to learn for life.

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The English Syllabus (2020) aims to make learning relevant for our students in the 21st century context. It focuses on building stronger fundamentals while equipping our students to learn for life.
The three desired learner outcomes of the ELS 2020 Syllabus are:
(i)   An Empathetic Communicator
(ii)  A Discerning Reader
(iii) A Creative Inquirer
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At TNPS, we adopt the Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading (STELLAR), a national pedagogic framework, in the learning of the English Language. Using authentic literature, the STELLAR approach seeks to build strong fundamentals by helping students to make a strong reading-writing connection through a whole-part-whole process.