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Future-Ready Self-Directed Digital Learners

TNPS ICT department aims to equip all TNPS students with new media literacy and digital literacy skills through our TNPS ICT roadmap. This includes P1 - 2 Digital Literacy (parts of computer, touch-typing, Student Learning Space (SLS) introduction, Microsoft Word and iPad introduction) lessons, Google suite training, Code for Fun and incorportion of digital literacy and ICT into curriculum.

At TNPS, video production or film making has been viewed as a powerful educational tool that provides opportunities for pupils to develop their critical thinking and dialogical reasoning in this digital and media-rich age. The viewing and study of films allow opportunities for cross-media experiences and exposures to alternative viewpoints. It encourages pupils to become active and critical viewers and producers of films and videos as they reflect on their roles and rights, challenge their creativity and learn to participate responsibly in their roles.

We aim to establish a reliable and robust ICT infrastructure in TNPS for effective use of ICT in the classroom. We will develop teachers' competency in e-Pedagogy to leverage digital technology to deepen students' learning, while supporting all areas of practice as part of the SkillsFuture for educators.