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At TNPS, the Mathematics department aims to nurture confident problem solvers who have a strong foundation in numeracy and are passionate in the learning of the subject.

Through customized curriculum and the department’s key programmes, we strive to achieve the 3E focus areas set out for our Primary 1 to 6 pupils, with reference to the mathematics framework:
3E Focus Areas.png
The Primary Mathematics syllabus aims to enable all students to:
  • Acquire mathematical concepts and skills for everyday use and continuous learning in mathematics;
  • Develop thinking, reasoning, communication, application and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem solving;
  • Build confidence and foster interest in mathematics.

The mathematics framework sets the direction and provides guidance in the teaching and learning of the mathematics curriculum. The central focus of the framework is mathematical problem solving. The development of the ability to use mathematics to solve problems is dependent on five inter-related components – conceptual understanding, skills proficiency, mathematical processes, attitudes and metacognition.

Mathematics Framework.png