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Key Programmes

Intervention Programme
Learning Support in Mathematics (LSM) is an early intervention programme for lower primary students who require additional support in strengthening their numeracy skills. Daily teaching for students is conducted in a small group setting by a trained LSM teacher.

Department Programmes
The Financial Literacy Programme (FLP) is an in-house programme that is conducted for all levels. Through financial literacy education, the Mathematics department hopes to equip students with basic financial knowledge and develop in them good financial habits from an early age.

The Math Explorer Programme is an enrichment programme designed for P3 and P4 students who display a strong interest in Mathematics. The programme provides students with opportunities to work independently or in teams to engage in mathematical thinking through solving challenging mathematical tasks.

For P5 and P6 students, the Mathematical Olympiad Programme exposes students to higher order thinking skills through mathematical problem solving that is usually beyond the primary school syllabus. At the end of the programme, students participate in Mathematics competitions to benchmark their mathematical ability against their peers at the cluster or national levels.