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The aim of the visual art programme is to nurture and develop students to be active learners and informed audience who enjoy art, are able to communicate visually and make meaning through connecting with the society and their culture. Anchored on the three big ideas:
  • Art helps us see things in new ways,
  • Art tells stories about our world,
  • Art influences how we live,

the curriculum is designed to provide a range of learning experiences to develop key competencies of:
  1. observation & inquiry
  2. creating and innovation
  3. connecting & responding

These learning experiences will present opportunities for creative and innovative self-expression in a variety of modes, encourage imagination and cultivate the capacity to think critically and improvise. Students will also develop their social emotional competencies as they work on collaborative projects or work individually to realise their artistic intent.

Our spiral curriculum will enable students to explore different themes and develop artmaking skills progressively throughout their six years of art education.