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A community of learners, equipped with knowledge and empathy for the environment

TNPS Science teachers aim to instil in our students a sense of wonder and lively curiosity for all things around them, with zeal for learning and knowledge, and imbued with genuine passion and care for the environment.

Our TNPS Science Curriculum is guided by the following Key Features:
  • A Thematic Approach
  • Experiential Learning
  • Holistic Assessment

The national Science curriculum seeks to nurture in students a spirit of scientific inquiry. At Tampines North Primary School, we achieve this by building on the school’s Experiential Learning approach to inculcate in students a sense of curiosity and wonderment about the things around them. We strive to fuel the natural curiosity in our students by relating scientific concepts to real life phenomena, and encouraging them to ask HOW and WHY questions about the world around them. In this way, Science comes alive and become relevant and meaningful to them.

TNPS Science Curriculum (P3 to P6)

The Science curriculum is translated in the classroom through teacher-facilitated discussions and explanations. Students are engaged in investigative hands-on activities during Science experiments and Learning Trails, as well as in articulating their understanding and reflections of different topics through their reflections at the end of each topic. Students’ skills in explaining scientific concepts are honed by introducing the Cause-and-Effect Relationhip and Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER) thinking routines. Students also leverage on ICT tools like tablets, dataloggers and the online simulations to document their understanding of Science concepts.