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Parents Support Group

Our Objectives

To provide a platform for parents to partner with the school to work on programmes and projects that will benefit the students.

These includes tapping on parents' expertise to share with the school, staff and student, as well as being actively involved through school volunteer work so as to provide an enriching and holistic education for the students.

Our TNPSGs..

Our TNPSGs.png

What does it take to be a PSG?

√ Time

You can volunteer your time to help make the school a safe place for the children to learn in.


√ Talent

You can volunteer your expertise, individual interests or networks to expand the pool of help available to the school and the PSG.


√ Thoughts

You can share your thoughts and contribute your ideas and feedback to improve the school and PSG.


What does it mean to be a PSG in TNPS?

I envision a strong, cohesive and lively partnership between parents and the school. I hope that the presence of the PSG in supporting the school’s programmes and our active involvement in the kids’ lives would make a difference and make school a little safer and happier for all our kids in TNPS. Come and join us, get to know other fun parents in the PSG and be a part of this family. We welcome you!

Mdm Amabel Ang
TNPSG Chairperson 2021

I love to be part of PSG in Tampines North Primary School. Whenever there’s duty in school , we as PSG members are always looking forward to help. I gain lots of knowledge. I enjoy spending time with the children. Being in the TNPSG , I always feel it’s part of my home. I hope more parents can join us as TNPSG members.

Mdm Jenny Wee
TNPSG Vice Chairperson 2021

My decision to become part of TNPS PSG is to build partnership with the school. Participation and involvement in school activities help to ease the teachers’ workload too. I would also like to encourage parents who have the students’ interests at heart and passionate about service, can consider joining PSGs. You will be able to support and guide your child better in his or her school life. By joining our TNPS PSG, you will also gain the support from other parents in your parenting endeavour through this. So, let’s be kind whenever possible!

Mdm Tuty Narvianti
TNPSG member

PSG provides me with parenting skills, an increased sense of empowerment and a sense of belonging.

I strongly encourage parents to join in PSG as you will be better able to support and guide your child when you are well-informed about what is going on in your child’s school. By joining a PSG, you will also gain the support from other parents in your parenting endeavor.

From Archunan Suresh
TNPSG member

PSG moments in TNPS

PSG moments in TNPS_1.png
PSG moments in TNPS_2.png
If you have what it takes to make a difference in our students’ lives, we welcome you to be part of TNPSG!

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